My name is Victor Van Scoit and I love turning friends and strangers on to persons, places, things, or ideas. I almost can’t help it.  It’s fun to share. If I find something interesting, I get a kick out of figuring out how you might find it interesting too.  Sometimes it’s a bartender who makes outrageously tasty cocktails, a hole in the wall restaurant with food too good not to share, or music that makes your heart go boom.  Other times it could be all about art and design that makes you ache with appreciation, go-go gadgets that work so good you’d think it was magic, or stylish threads with that fashion fit that just won’t quit.

All this started a long time ago when I did a book report on Leonardo Da Vinci.  I knew quite quickly and early that I wanted to be a Renaissance man, a jack of all trades, always knowing a little about a lot.  Since then I continue to travel whenever possible, devour books on various topics, take on new and curious hobbies, eat street food up to fine dining, and strive to make meaningful friendships.

Take a read through the blog, and I’m sure you’ll find something that connects with you.  When you do and someone asks how you heard about it, just tell them “Victor sent me.”