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Holstee Manifesto Print

Fifteen sentences.  Sometimes that's all it takes to kick start your mindset out of neutral and back into drive.  With the New Year in full swing it might be worth reading the Holstee Manifesto.  The founders of Holstee ...

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Art: What Type Of Movie Do You Like?

Typography, movies, design, and art. To quote from The Sound of Music, “These are a few of my favorite things.” The artists/designers over at 37 Posters must love them too as they’re combining all by elevating the run-of-the-mill movie poster and making it art loft worthy.

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Lost Without LOST

Thankfully I got into LOST much later than everyone else. I held off because I had trouble believing the writers truly had all the character connections planned out. Maybe that’s why when I did cave, I found that the show had killer character development. Whether you were into LOST for its characters, or because you had faith that all of the mysterious plot points would be revealed – there’s a hole in the TV landscape. But after the season six finale you might not even care. Either way here’s some quality LOST inspired art that can fill the void, and pay homage in a not too dorky way.

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