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Video: Let’s Tell Our Story

Everyone has shared stories. After telling them enough times to friends and family you might think “We need to record these sometime. So we don’t forget.” StoryCorps has been helping people do just that, and some of their best ones are getting animated.

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Video: Dancing Through The Movies

Just because you say you don’t dance, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate it. And with great dancing you can’t help but want to join in, even if you’re secretly moving your feet with the shades drawn. I don’t know if your feet will be able to handle this video of The Kleptones – Come Again.

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When The Dog Days Are Over

Dogs are pretty amazing. Without a doubt, the bond I often see my friends make with their four-legged friend makes me envious. I want that. But my schedule doesn’t allow for it. And maybe that’s a good thing. Especially when I look at these two stories, and am forced to realized that for all those happy hellos there comes a point when you have to say “Good bye”.

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