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Playlist: Get Psyched

There are many rules, guidelines, and bylaws when it comes to making a compilation mix. But sometimes you gotta go against said rules, in order to just kick out the jams.

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Concert: LCD Soundsystem @ The Palladium Ballroom

LCD Soundsystem brought its spinning disco ball and dance/punk/pop style of music to Dallas/Fort Worth. Having seen them only at outdoor festivals I wondered if The Palladium Ballroom could contain all that energy. Thankfully it couldn’t and the people experienced a musical explosion.

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Playlist: Home Is Wherever I’m With You

Our music collections are vast and expansive. Always growing. As Willy Wonka would say, “Yes, the danger must be growing, for the rowers keep on rowing. And they’re certainly not showing, any signs that they are slowing.” Take pause, and stop hitting shuffle. Then take a listen to a playlist I made for you.

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