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Art: What Type Of Movie Do You Like?

Typography, movies, design, and art. To quote from The Sound of Music, “These are a few of my favorite things.” The artists/designers over at 37 Posters must love them too as they’re combining all by elevating the run-of-the-mill movie poster and making it art loft worthy.

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Video: Let’s Tell Our Story

Everyone has shared stories. After telling them enough times to friends and family you might think “We need to record these sometime. So we don’t forget.” StoryCorps has been helping people do just that, and some of their best ones are getting animated.

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Web: Get That Catchy Song Out Of Your Head

Ever get a song so deep in your head that it just repeats over and over? Apparently that’s what you call an earworm. Thank the Germans for the name. Here I thought an earworm was one of those creatures that drilled into the crew members of The Enterprise in Stark Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Has someone found the quick fix cure?

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