Holstee Manifesto Print

Holstee Manifesto Poster

Fifteen sentences.  Sometimes that’s all it takes to kick start your mindset out of neutral and back into drive.  With the New Year in full swing it might be worth reading the Holstee Manifesto.  The founders of Holstee wrote this up as they were preparing to leave their corporate gigs for something that would fulfill their creative hearts. Very soon after the manifesto became a viral sensation, striking a chord with many.  Now you can get the manifesto in a typographic print straight from a 20th century Heidelberg letterpress machine.

One thing to remember.  These are just words.  It’s up to you to take action.  As another manifesto goes – “Do. Or do not… there is no try.”

Holstee Letterpress

Holstee Manifesto Close Up

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