Lost Without LOST

Thankfully I got into LOST much later than everyone else.  I held off because I had trouble believing the writers truly had all the character connections planned out.  Maybe that’s why when I did cave, I found that the show had killer character development.  Whether you were into LOST for its characters, or because you had faith that all of the mysterious plot points would be revealed – there’s a hole in the TV landscape.  But after the season six finale you might not even care.  Either way here’s some quality LOST inspired art that can fill the void, and pay homage in a not too dorky way.

Gideon Slife must have been an island to himself creating all these posters.  Gideon was inspired to make one poster for every episode of LOST and its six seasons.  He manages to distill the complexities of each episode into beautiful, artistic essence.  Even his selection in quotes to represent the episode will make you snicker in memory.  If you’re thinking you’d like one of these on your wall, then luck is at hand.  Gideon has begun making prints available for sale. ($15)

Jetpac Magazine was equally inspired on the poster front.  But it was the riddles, wrapped in enigmas, bundled in mystery that surrounded that Dharma Initiative Stations that Jetpac Magazine honors.  Ten posters for ten stations.  Was there a reason there were only ten?  Damn this show!  Will the questions never end?

Alex Griendling likes design.  It says so right in his e-mail address, and it shows in these LOST tarot cards.  I really dig the slightly dark, symbolic imagery he’s got working here.  But I bet even if passengers of Oceanic Fligh 815 had requested their fortunes read prior to that fateful flight, they’d still have found some way to end up on that island.

Finally for a bit of fun, and segue into other great TV shows, I provide you reinterpreted LOST credits.  They shouldn’t work, but they do.  And each one is edited perfectly such that you’d almost believe LOST was a comedy, action, teen drama, or 70’s show. Here’s my favorite based on The Office.  But head over to Next Round for all the rest including: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The A-Team, and Friends.

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