Web: Get That Catchy Song Out Of Your Head

Ever get a song so deep in your head that it just repeats over and over?  Apparently that’s what you call an earworm.  Thank the Germans for the name.  Here I thought an earworm was one of those creatures that drilled into the crew members of The Enterprise in Stark Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.  Has someone found the quick fix cure?

According to research by James Kellaris, 98% of individuals experience earworms. Women and men experience the phenomenon equally often, but earworms are more likely to last longer for women and to irritate them more than men (thanks Wikipedia).  Whatever sex you are, unhearit thinks it can save the day.

The next time you get an earworm drilling away at your sanity go to unhearit.com.  Then click play and unhearit will provide you with a random song to remove the one you can’t stop thinking about.  Take great caution though.  That random song may be equally as catchy if not more so than the one cluttering up your sanity.  It’s not so much a delete song button, as a swap song button.  But that’s not always bad because sometimes I don’t mind a quality earworm brightening my day.  My first random song was the theme to Sanford & Son, followed quickly by What Is Love? (think Night At The Roxbury).  If you really like the new song, you can download it from their neat little application. [via The Awesomer]

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