Photography: Paper Bags and Cardboard Boxes Make Nice People

Mark J. Sebastian – If The Bag Fits

Photographer Mark J. Sebastian creates a nice visual story as his models have a nice wander around downtown L.A.  His goal was to use paper-bagged models to “tell a story through the use of actions and body language.” That they do and the story I had running through my mind was that these would make perfect photos for a new band.  Click the pics below to go through the entire collection

Anton Tang – Toys

Anton Tang, based out of Singapore, notes on his site that he’s “not the creator or designer of little box people.”  That may be true but he is the designer of well crafted one shot stories involving tiny cardboard people.  Each photo uses great depth of field and lighting to bring life to these toys.  They make me think of two things. I wish these little guys were real so I could keep one running around the house.  And that they remind me of Winnie The Pooh.