Video: Let’s Tell Our Story

Everyone has shared stories.  After telling them enough times to friends and family you might think “We need to record these sometime.  So we don’t forget.”  StoryCorps has been helping people do just that, and some of their best ones are getting animated.

StoryCorps is a non-profit that travels around the nation giving people “the opportunity to record, share, and preserve the stories of our lives.”  Basically they record a conversation between two people that matter to each other.  These conversations vary from a soldier remembering The Battle Of The Bulge, immigrant experiences in coming to America, and kids asking their parents about their past.

Now StoryCorps has taken to animating some of these, often emotionally powerful, stories.  My favorite thus far is the below tale of Danny & Annie. In it Danny & Annie recount their 27 year romance from first date and love letters to growing older and dealing with loss.  Their story is touching and engaging,  Their voices even more so. [via VSL]

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